Startup Panels – Founders for Founders

  • During the Open Office Hours from 9.00 till 12.00 all startup founders are able to participate in the Founders for Founders Panel Sessions.

    This is the idea: If you have experience, good advice or a story to tell about one of the subjects, please submit your company for one of the 4 panel sessions this button:

    You will be on stage for 40 minutes, together with 4 other founders and a moderator.


    9:00-9:40 A. Hacking your marketing plan: Customer Acquisition: Building a brand through Organic, Paid and PR

    9:45-10:25 B. Hacking Fundraising: Funding your business in the first 12 months of operations (grants, incubators, FOF)

    10:30-11.10 C. Hacking your Product: Trends in Development platforms and tools that can validate your business during the early stage

    11:15-11.55 D. Hacking Hiring: Hear from experts on how to hire on a budget, and get the most out of your team


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