Capital On Stage

  • At Capital On Stage top-tier investors present themselves to the world’s finest startups, instead of the reverse. As a Startup Founder, you gain valuable insights into the way investors look at your market and which investors might be interested (and suitable!) in your company.

    Program & Open Office Hours

    On stage, 20 Investors will present themselves: their views on the market, what they’re looking for and what they add besides money. Also, 2 successful entrepreneurs explain how they raised capital. In the morning, you’ll be able to book two 10-minute meetings with Investors and talk about anything you want: present your company, ask their advice, or anything else.


    A wide variety of investors attend Capital On Stage, ranging from to seed investors and well-known Venture Capitalists. All Startups that attend the conference have been hand-picked and can only join if they work on scalable web/tech businesses and are a (co)founder or CEO (sorry, but no employees). Have a look here for which investors joined us in the past.

    If you feel you live up to this profile, do apply for an invitation [for the New York edition]. Or you could find out more about the program of our next conference, or check out the latest news on our facebook page or follow us on twitter. By the way, startups can join at very low rates (starting at €65/GBP55).


    We work with prestigious law firms or large accounting firms host our events. Past hosts include Deloitte (NL) and Norton Rose Fulbright (UK) and Goodwin Procter (US). For us, these partners ensure our attendees receive the high quality we expect. Want to sponsor a Capital On Stage in your city? Get in touch with Arjen – founder of Capital On Stage.

    Info for Investors

    Capital On Stage brings investors together with a great selection of (mostly European) Internet Startup CEOs/founders that are interested in getting funded. Investors have the opportunity to give a five-minute presentation in front of a niche audience of around 200 Startups.

    We ask you to deliver an unravelling 5-minute presentation where you briefly explain who you are, your investment strategy, the markets you invest in, and what you bring to the table to support Startups besides cash. This will give Startups better insights in what kind of an investor (or fund) you are. This should result in a more relevant deal flow, since Startups understand more about you and what you’re looking for. To get an idea how your colleagues present themselves, have a look at some of their 5-minute pitches.

    Why join

    • At every conference, we limit attendance to 200 (up to 250, differs per event) Tech Startup Founders, and only 20 Investors receive an invitation
    • No clutter: no consultants, no marketers, no recruiters
    • The few sponsors we have actually participate in the event themselves. Past sponsors include Deloitte, Amazon, PayPal & Google
    • We only invite founders and CEOs of these 200 Internet Startups
    • Our goal is not to come up with your usual suspects; each startup is cherry-picked
    • 200 founders will get to know your firm and you personally
    • During the Open Office Hours in the morning, 9 startup founders book 1-on-1 meetings with you

    Please get in touch if you would like to learn more

    Investor Price

    A VC ticket is $1200USD for the entire day; exclusive attendance with only 19 other VCs, a pitch on stage, bring 1 colleague along, and get your own Open Office Hours with Startup founders in the morning.

    Info for Startups

    Capital On Stage is a great place for founders of Internet Startups to physically meet different types of investors, ranging from Business Angels to Seed Investors and Venture Capitalists. No more than 200 Startups and 20 Investors are invited, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunity to talk to Investors, so forget making a long and expensive road-trip to meet investors. You can meet 20 of them in just one day! Admission is based on invitation-only and inexpensive for startups, so make sure to apply to attend NEW YORK.

    What to Expect

    • 20 unique presentations in which top-tier investors present themselves. Business is personal…
    • 2 keynote presentations of successful entrepreneurs who already received funding. They share their learnings
    • Learn about what VCs and Business Angels are really looking for in their next investment
    • Open Office Hours: book 2 10-minute meetings with the investors of your choice
    • The opportunity to pitch your Startup in front of the entire audience -over 250 startups, investors, and sponsors- for 30 seconds (book a spotlight ticket)

    Read more about the program, check out the latest news or follow us on twitter.

    Who can apply?

    Startup founder can apply if:

    • You’re an Internet/tech startup with a scalable business (you don’t sell consulting hours)
    • You’re a founder or at least own significant shares in the company
    • Your business is up and running, or you’re working on launching any time soon
    • You want to find out more about funding and enjoy a glass of beer as well!

    The process

    After you applied via our website through the “request invitation” button, your application lands in our database. We review every application carefully. When we are still uncertain whether to give you an invite or not, we will get in touch with you with some additional questions about you & your firm. In total, we invite a maximum of 200 startup founders per email at an average of about 30 invitations per week. In your invitation you’ll receive a unique invitation code to sign up for the conference. You’ll receive all further instructions per email closer to the date of the conference. Please notice that we only allow ONE founder per company!

    To give you an indication; at our first conference in Amsterdam in September 2011 we received over 550 applications from startup founders from 17 countries!

    Startup Ticket Price – Europe (Berlin)

    Early Bird Founder Ticket: €85 (Purchase before Tuesday 15th April 2014. One per startup.)

    Early Bird Co-Founder Ticket: €65 (Purchase before Tuesday 15th April 2014. Available only if purchased in conjunction with an Early Bird Founder ticket. One per startup.)

    Founder Ticket: €120 (One per startup.)

    Co-Founder Ticket: €95 (Purchase before Tuesday 15th April 2014. Available only if purchased in conjunction with an Founder ticket. One per startup.)

    Spotlight Pitch Upgrade: €50 (One per startup. Limited availability.).  Spotlight Pitch Upgrade = Purchase a 30 second company pitch as an additional add-on to put your company “in the spotlight”. Pitch in front of the entire audience of investors, sponsors, partners, and the other tech startup founders.


    If you’re from outside the country or city why not try Airbnb or Bizpora (where you can crash with another entrepreneur).


    Arjen Strijker
    Founder & MD
    Marketing & Events Manager
    Emily-Jane Shurey
    Marketing & Event Manager
    Bas van de Kamp
    Sander Koppelaar
    Former co-founder